We often get asked questions, so we’ve compiled a list of the most popular in to an FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I buy from The Handbag Finder website?

It's easy and hassle free to buy from The Handbag Finder by simply adding the item(s) you want to your “Wardrobe” and then following the checkout process. Your items will be packaged safely, securely and we will provide you with tracking information via Royal Mail. Fully insured and signed for P&P s completely free of charge.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We use Worldpay and most popular cards are accepted such as Visa and Mastercard.

Which currencies are accepted in the Online Shop?

All payments are in GBP – British pound sterling.

How fast do you ship?

If you order before 3pm Monday to Thursday then your item will be sent the next day if your payment has cleared. However, if you order after this time, your order will be sent within 2 working days and delivered to you within 2 working days. Please note, delivery times may be affected by bank holidays and the above information covers orders from The Handbag Finder to mainland UK. International delivery dates vary.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

Payments and security are handled by Worldpay. All data is handled by Worldpay direct.

How easy is it to sell via The Handbag Finder?

The Handbag Finder will receive your item and get it fully authenticated for you. Once it has passed this process, we will advertise your bag on your behalf. Responding to all correspondence for you. On occasion The Handbag Finder may immediately purchase the bag from you.

You need to be 16 or over to sell and you'll need a current driving license or passport if it's your first time.

During the process you'll be offered a cash or sale price. The cash price is will either be paid in cash or processed as a bank transfer directly into your account.

What condition do you accept items in?

At The Handbag Finder we like to believe that everything has a price and can be reused and loved again. However, customer feedback over the years has refined our knowledge for what level of condition customers are happy to buy pre-loved items in.

All the items we buy or sell must be of a certain standard or quality however we do our best to accept as much as we possibly can. If you're not sure if the item you have will be accepted by The Handbag Finder, please refer to our condition grades.

Which brands do you buy and sell?

At The Handbag Finder we trade with 130+ different brands ranging from our customer favourites of Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton to wardrobe classics from Balenciaga, Gucci and Prada.

How are your prices determined?

We formulate a sell price based on a number of factors including, but not limited to: original retail price, brand, style, age, condition, material, colour and demand.

Our buy prices (the prices we give you as a customer) are based on a set margin for that designer within that type of item - meaning that highly desirable brands like Chanel or Hermes always give you the best margin as a customer possible.

Are the items all authentic?

The Handbag Finder has many items for sale at any one time which have all been meticulously inspected by our highly trained authenticators before being purchased and readied for sale. Our in-house experts are professionally trained to spot any and all inconsistencies. We can 100% guarantee that all items for sale are the genuine article so you can buy with absolute security.

What is the returns policy?

The Handbag Finder sadly cannot offer refunds at this stage. However, we do offer a ‘Meet Me’ service where you can arrange an appointment to meet your bag at our head office. This is an extremely relaxed and fun environment for you to spend time and have a think about your purchase (maybe even a glass of fizz!). We will also happily send further videos and photographs of individual bags on request.

How do you ‘Find’?

Go to the link ‘Find’ and fill out the relevant information, this will then be sent to us at The Handbag Finder’s ‘Search’ team and we will respond to you within 48 hours.

How do I request more pictures and information about an item?

The Handbag Finder fill in all the information you see about a product online. If you require further information about a bag please click on the ‘Ask a question about this bag’ button.

Where do I let you know my suggestions and feedback?

We love hearing from our customers on what you want next from The Handbag Finder. Think we should open a shop near you? Got an idea for a brand collaboration? Want to raise some feedback from a service or product? Simply get in touch and a member of the Customer Services Department will respond as soon as possible.

The Handbag Finder will only contact you to fulfil our business obligations to you or if you have opted in to receive our emails. Under the GDPR laws, you have the right to erasure. If you wish for The Handbag Finder to delete any information in regard to yourself that we hold in our systems, please get in touch to make a request.