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TheHandbagFinder.com is where all your handbag dreams come true. The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of the handbag world! Come and delve into our website and see if that bag you’ve always dreamed of is right there just waiting for you to take home. But remember; our specialty is finding bags for our clients. You know the one, the bag that got away, the one you’ve always wanted but can’t find… let us help you find your ‘lust have’ handbag.

About Emma

My journey.

Well, it’s been quite a decade, 4 kids, one divorce and 4 businesses!

The Handbag Finder grew from an idea that started back in 2009 when I decided I needed to start selling my wardrobe of designer pieces; it was getting a bit out of control and I couldn’t close the door of my closet! So, my idea was to open an evening event to friends in the same predicament and hold a ‘posh boot sale’. It turns out I had a lot of friends who wanted to sell their designer pieces and weren’t getting the money they wanted from other avenues.

The first sale was held early December 2009, I had my six week old, third son George at home with a three year old and four year old! I must have been mad! I marketed this as MeBay, and the event was a roaring success and an article written about it hit the local papers! I decided to host a sale every quarter, and they went from strength to strength. As time went by, It was apparent juggling three young kids and this business was a massive struggle, so I decided to downsize a bit and closed MeBay. As the boys got older, I missed the fun and challenge and came up with the concept of Bond Street to Your Street. My business moved more towards a dress agency, but for top designer items.

After 5 years of hosting ‘pop-up’ boutiques in private homes and London offices, I decided the business needed a focal point, a home, a high-street shop, so, in April 2016, Bond Street to Your Street, Cranbrook, Kent proudly opened its doors.

This again proved to be a popular idea and grew significantly building a very strong reputation, and Bond Street to Your Street became a trusted brand with customers from Australia, Oman, Ireland and America. The boutique was the best move I ever made. Once people know and trust your product, your reputation grows and word of mouth drives growth. Someone once said to me: ‘reputation is solid gold currency’, I whole heartedly believe in this mantra. 18 months after opening the boutique I gave birth to my fourth son, Rex, returning to work two weeks later

After 3 years at Cranbrook, Bond Street to Your Street was ready to expand, so I decided to jump on the opportunity of opening an additional boutique in Tenterden, Kent, which opened in November 2019. At the same time, it had become clear to me that there was a very special market in the very best designer handbags. The best are in short supply and clients have particular bags in mind. So I decided to open a web-based company called ‘The Handbag Finder’ TheHandbagFinder.com, taking inspiration from a childhood friend, the founder of Watchfinder.com. I had been asked so many times over the years, ‘do you have that bag in stock?’, ‘can you find me that purse in oxblood?’. It frustrates me when the answer is ‘no’. Also, some of my clients at Bond Street to Your Street had gorgeous bags to sell and others wanted me to source very special bags. Hence, I decided to open a bag sourcing company, where we can find you the bag of your dreams.

I hope you enjoyed my story… I’m just a mum of four, but with a lot of hard work, persistence and a very active mind, I’m in a position to offer a great service and knowledge of my trade

I hope you enjoyed my story. I love hard work and I put everything into what I do. My kids, my friends, my clients, my customers. Nothing gives me more pleasure that making them all happy.

Never give up
Emma x

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